SGSM has experience in SAP HCM Consulting specializing in Payroll and Time Management. Successful SAP projects are the result of identifying and agreeing to goals closely followed by the successful achievement of those goals.

Manage Time in Payroll

Time Management was out of scope, however, due to tight payroll staffing, all staffers were needed for analysis rather than manual overtime calculation and data entry. Using a standard data input interface, we included data validation, retaining retroactivity, within the payroll schema. This solution freed up the Payroll staff to pursue the analysis they required.

Adjust Benefits (Variables) in Payroll

Benefits deductions needed to be adjusted each pay period. We tied in the variable to identify the appropriate deduction and replaced, as required.

Apply Different Rate to Different Business Units

One division used Regular Rate but other divisions did not. We successfully separated this division for overtime calculation and correctly calculated California overtime, as well.

What Are Your Unique Requirements?

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