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Identify Table Changes

Occasionally, you will identify a problem in your production environment that you did not encounter in prior environments, such as quality or development. Or for whatever reason, you need to know in which transport or when a specific change occurred. To help you identify these changes, you can use table E071K, which contains customer transports as well as those table updates made by SAP. Request 'Identify Table Changes' White Paper to read more...

Customer Wage Type Copies

New requirements just arose that mean a new wage type. Obviously, transaction code OH11, Copy Wage Types, copies a wage type. But, which wage type should you copy? To help identify which wage type to use as the model, you can identify which wage types were used as the model and original wage types when creating a customer wage type. This analysis leads to fewer subsequent customizing changes for you. Request 'Customer Wage Type Copies' White Paper to read more...

Wage Type Tables

SAP's development of the IMG, Implementation Guide, has allowed end-users to be able to configure without requiring knowing which tables are changed. However, you may need to identify in which tables a particular wage type resides. For example, is the wage type a deduction, which has a balance? Or perhaps it is assigned to Basic Pay, Infotype 0008 and is indirectly valuated. Each of these wage types has different attributes. This serves to identify the tables impacted and perhaps requiring updates in case of a problem or a confusing system reaction. Request 'Wage Type Tables' White Paper to read more...

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